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As world economies go global and economies of different countries start to intertwine with each other, more and more individuals and families are living their lives spread out over the globe. Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of wealthy professionals, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and corporate executives who are thinking about financial security of their families and business.

With TDI company you can easily define an investment strategy for your family and business, planning your retirement, to fund your children´s education, or reduces taxes for your heirs.

Our teams of legal professionals, accountants, and financial experts have more than a decade of expertise in dealing with foreign investment, real estate management, and tax planning. We can help you deal with all your wealth planning challenges, provide unique opportunities to invest in real estate, and ensure that your wealth is protected from taxation.

At TDI Citizenship, we offer trusted advice and personalized solutions to help you deal with your investment. We’ve created solutions that will ensure that your real estate investments remain profitable anywhere in the world. With our experts, you won’t have anything to worry about and you will acquire significant financial benefits.


Wealth Management:

  • Investment account analysis
  • Asset management mandates
  • Wealth and investment advice

Securities trading and administration Wealth and asset planning:

  • Individual wealth and asset planning
  • Transfer of assets
  • Insurance solutions

Succession & legacy planning Wealth preservation:

  • Pensions and retirement planning
  • Managing concentrated (and blocked) equity and option positions
  • Hedging strategies

Trusts & Other services:

  • Cash flow planning / hedging
  • Payments
  • Structuring of loans / advising on refinancing options
  • Commercial instruments (LC’s, Guarantees, etc.)
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