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Posted by adminelena on September 26, 2016
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New Minister of Citizenship by Investment Promotion in Grenada

Minister Alexandra Otway is the new Minister of Citizenship by Investment Promotion in Grenada, now is in charge of the active promotion of the Citizenship by Investment Program. Ms. Otway had the role of Minister of Tourism and currently holds the station of Minister of Implementation in the Prime Minister’s Office, has been awarded the post of Minister of Citizenship by Investment Promotions. This position maker her responsible for all activities regarding the marketing of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, which today stands as one of the world’s most attractive second citizenship options.

Minister Otway has a history of travelling across the world to explain the benefits of Grenada citizenship, and the opportunities presented by investment. In her last travels to countries such as: London, Dubai, Geneva and Zurich she spoke about Grenada’s booming tourism sector and commitment to sustainable development. She said that with more and more visitors travelling to the country every year, the value of real estate in Grenada is growing rapidly. Grenada has a stable real estate market with the value of properties rising at the same pace as the demand for hospitality services.