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Posted by adminelena on March 13, 2017
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Nevis receives SIDF Support

Mark Brantley, Foreign Affairs Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Deputy Premier of Nevis, has applauded the Government’s creation of a more inclusive development policy to benefit the island of Nevis.

The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF)  is a Government entity created in 2006 to diversify and strengthen the economy of the Federation, Minister Brantley noted that the Government had done much in the past two years to ensure that the SIDF’s framework be extended to the people of Nevis.

“Nevis has to be included because we are part of the country and so the SIDF now has representation from Nevis and as a consequence of the new philosophy, we see projects being funded in Nevis for the first time […] over $62 million dollars in less than two years has been allocated from the SIDF for projects in Nevis,” said the Minister Mark Brantley.

Each and every citizen of Saint Kitts & Nevis must have access to the full fruits of their citizenship. And whether you were born in cotton ground or Molineux your rights should be no different in the State of St Kitts and Nevis,” highlighted Minister Brantley.

The move is part of the Government’s ‘Fair Share’ initiative, ensuring that citizens of St Kitts and Nevis benefit equally from their role as citizens of the Federation, irrespective of whether they live on the island of St Kitts or on its neighbouring sister-island Nevis.

Funds from the SIDF are derived from the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme, the oldest economic citizenship programme in the world. The Programme has recently rebranded itself as the ‘Platinum Standard’ of citizenship by investment.

Among other things, SIDF proceeds will be distributed across a range of projects in Nevis including $7.7 million towards geothermal projects, $10 million to fund the Mondo track, $2 million for the Vance Amory International Airport, and $9 million to the Alexandra Hospital, according to CS Global Partners.